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Zakat ul Fitr (Fitra/Fitrana) Notice


Zakat ul Fitr (Fitra/Fitrana) notice from Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre, Reading and Jamme Masjid, Alexandra Rd, Reading


Assalamu’Alaikum, we pray that you are safe, well and in the best of imaan insha’Allah.

You may pay your Fitra through Aisha Masjid and Jamme Masjid, Alexandra Rd in the following ways this year:

1. By online transfer to the following account using reference “Fitra” – *This method is recommended*

Acc name: The Mosque Jamme Masjid Reading
Acc no: 90166197
S/C: 20-71-03

2. By card payment. Please call 07500864155.

3. By payment in person to outside the front entrance of Aisha Masjid between 6pm – 7pm every evening during the last 10 days of Ramadan, starting from Thursday 14th May. Card payments accepted.
*Please note the Masjid is closed and there will be no access to the Masjid. If you choose this method, please incorporate your visit to the Masjid as part of your daily exercise and at all times please respect the social distancing rules. Please do not congregate outside the Masjid. Please do not choose this method if you are experiencing any symptoms or are feeling unwell. Please note, we are unable to provide change so please bring the correct amount with you if paying by cash*

4. For the elderly and vulnerable only, we can arrange for a collection of your Fitr. Appropriate precautions must be taken and social distancing measures maintained. We will not be carrying any change so please have the correct amount.

Please call *07500864155* to arrange a collection appointment.

Fitra is £5 per person including children.

Fidyah at £5 per day, Kaffara, Zakat and Sadqah is also payable in the above manner.

Jazakumullah Khairun

Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre, Reading and Jamme Masjid, Alexandra Rd, Reading